Saturday, November 02, 2013

Pumpkin Sleep Sack Set

I don't think I posted this yet. I crocheted a "Pumpkin Sleep Sack", using Suzie's Ripple Sleep Sack pattern. I did three extra rows of the green, and folded them over. For the hat, I used Peanutzmom's Newborn Side-to-side hat. The booties are the roll-top booties. I used an F hook with worsted weight to get a newborn size for the booties. I already sent this set to the Pine Ridge OB Ward, with a few other things.

I finished a sweater the other day. It's Sue's No-Hole Hexagon Sweater pattern. After doing the hexagon sweater, I saw Sue's "no-hole version" later; and wanted to try it. Seems like it would be a lot warmer. For the hat, I combined two patterns. I did Repeat Crafter Me's Puppy Hat for the basic earflap hat in a 9-12 month size. Then I used Breezybot's Newborn Aviator Hat for the flap part. Since they are both 9 months size, I'll probably send them to LOWO. 

I'd like to do more sleep sacks, but I should really finish some other things I have started.


paula said...

I just LOVE making sleep sacks. My neighbor used hers when they took her baby with them to COlorado . . kept him warm and didn't have to worry about blankets. Now she uses it for the year old when it is between summer and winter jammies.

I must make more . . they are so simple and so perfect for newborns.

Tina said...

I know! I want to crochet more, but I have to finish two things before I start any new projects.