Sunday, November 24, 2013

Accidental Baby Afghan Is Done

All done. I think I will run it through the washer and dryer; just to get any stray dog hairs floating around..

I started a pair of longies, too. I have NO idea what I am doing... So. I hope they turn out. They look super tiny. I was on gauge though. I bought a long sleeved "My First Christmas" onesie. (I am making these to go with it.) I measured it across and it only measures 5 1/4". So maybe I am doing it right. Who knows. I want to go measure a pair of newborn pants, next time I go to Walmart; to see. I wish I could just buy some.. But. You know that little thing called lack of money. ;)  Plus I need to save what I have to be able to send the box. :)    

Oh, I finished one of Eons' slippers (except the sewing up and putting the cuff on). I just haven't taken any pictures. I only have two days to work on them this week. So I am *hoping* to do nothing but knit!

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