Friday, November 15, 2013

Scrap Granny Baby Ghan

When I first started the Baby Hexagon Sweater (No-Holes), I accidentally started making a granny square. The middle part is as far as I got before I realized I was supposed to be doing a Hexagon..  O.o  So I just finished off, and thought, "Maybe I'll make a baby afghan with it.."  And...  I started one. I'm just trying to used up scrap yarns. None of them seem to go together. And I don't have much selection. Wish I had the rest of my yarn with me. :(   I am enlisting Eons' help. When I get to the end of one color, I have been asking him, "What color should I do next?" So far it measures 18 inches across. So... Only 22 more inches to go. :)


paula said...

An idea, in case you don't have a lot more done . . . make 4 squares, vary the color scheme . . . join and put a border on them . . will be as large as you want, but not as boring . . I always HATE going and going around a granny square to make something large :(

Tina said...

I could do that. Thanks, Paula. :)