Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Secret Project

This was the secret project I posted about a while ago.  :)  (Not the greatest picture.. And it was taken with my phone, too.)  A Hello Kitty purse, for a pen pal friends' daughter whose birthday is right around Eons'.

I wasn't going to line it, but it was almost impossible to hide the embroidery. Plus, I just like it better lined. (Although, I do not like lining them..) I like the way it looks though; when it's finished. :)  (Even though, I'm pretty sure mine looks like a seven year old sewed it..)   

Here is a better picture.  I am almost positive this was the pattern I used.  

Speaking of secret projects, I am going to start another one. :D  But, it's for my husband (for Christmas). I'm going to knit him a pair of slippers.  Just going to do a pair of Aunt Maggie's Slippers, or Grandma's Slippers.  He is the hardest person to shop for. (Eli is getting almost as bad.) He just doesn't want anything. Sooo.... I am going to just get them stuff they need, I guess. Especially Eli. He only has one pair of jeans. And he doesn't even care. I have to take them out of his room and wash them. He would just keep wearing them until they were stuck to him. Gross boys...  Lol.  Every time I ask him if he wants anything, it's "No."  O.o  

Oh, tonight I am using my new Crock-Pot! I'm going to try this recipe. (I need to get some cornstarch and an onion, though. So as soon as I'm done posting this, I'm going to the store.)   

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Mimi said...

Good job on the Hello Kitty purse, Tina, turned out so cute!
It is indeed easier to think of gifts for girls and women. You're so patient with the boys/men in your family ;)