Friday, November 01, 2013

Look What I Got!

Birthday presents!! :D I told my husband I didn't want anything. But he got me something(s), again! He let me open them last night. (Today is actually my birthday.) I was like a little kid. ;P I had to wait until he got out of the shower, though; to open them. I was trying to guess what was in the box (it was heavy). I told Eli, "I bet it's a Crock-Pot. I told your Dad I want one." (To make Paula's Pulled Buffalo Chicken sandwiches- whic I have bee craving ever since she posted them!) They both saw what their Dad brought in, so they knew..  Eli said it wasn't a Crock-Pot. I was sitting there trying to think what else it could possible be...

That little liar! :D  I can't believe he lied to me..  I am SO happy I have a Crock-Pot now. I have been wanting one forever. :D  It comes with 7 free recipes, too.  My husband must be craving those Pulled Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, too; because he said "I had an ulterior motive for buying you this." ;P 

A Tennessee Vols sweatshirt! (Guess I better get into the Tennessee spirit..)  It's too small though. :( I will have to return it and get a large, I guess. I think either the size runs small. Or, he got a juniors size medium. Who knows. 

Fluffy, comfy, warm pajamas!! (These were all things I wrote down for him for my Christmas list..)  I love pajamas. And I would LOVE to be able to sleep all day.

Flufy, fuzzy pajama bottoms. I think they are Sagwa. Lol. I don't care, I love them. I wore them last night to bed. They are so comfy. :D

And fuzzy slipper socks. (I'm wearing the pink ones right now.   I can't believe he got me all this. I said I didn't want anything.  I feel so spoiled.


rinebird said...

You aren't spoiled you deserve gifts for your birthday. Happy Birthday Tina

paula said...

Isn't it wonderful to be surprised on your birthday:)

Happy Anniversary of the Day You Were Born ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Let me know how the chicken goes . . . Oh, and don't forget to use the broth and leftover chicken to make Buffalo Chicken and Noodles . . just as good as the sandwiches :)

Tina said...

Thanks Linda and Paula. :)

I might make the Buffalo Chicken very soon. I'll let you know, thanks again. :D

Mimi said...

Aww...nice gifts Tina :)
I've been wanting a crockpot too...but I'm a bit discouraged thinking its a bit heavy to wash, besides not having enough space in my little kitchen :p

Tina said...

Mimi, our kitchen is small, too. (I really had a time with that because everywhere we lived in Nevada, our kitchens were so big with tons of cupboard space.) I don't know about all Crock-Pots, but my "crock" part comes out so I can just wash that in the sink. :)