Saturday, January 04, 2014

OB Ward Items and Goofy Dogs..

This is a newborn set I finished. I started it in December. I had two big skeins (Lion Brand Pound of Love, I think) of turqoise and light turqoise. I was going to make a pom-pom for the hat, but I was using what was left of the darker turqoise for the baby afghan below:

I was going to post this picture, then I got this far and took this picture:

Lol.   I am so happy- it is turning out perfect! Maybe not so much the colors, but the shape is what I'm talking about. Usually every time I make one of these it turns out all misshapen and looks more like a diamond than a square. This one isn't the same pattern, but it is a good example of what I am talking about (wonky looking). In this blog post, the green set I did the same pattern I am now. (I'm pretty sure.) I know for sure it didn't turn out like this one is...  (It looked more like a diamond.) Anyway, I used the Corner-To-Corner Throw by Red Heart/Coats and Clark website..   I was kind of liking mine, until I saw ICanMakeThat's afghan~ I love hers! I'm just messing around, I still kind of like mine, too. It actually is turning out better than I thought it would. I only had a little of some colors, so I decided to do stripes (and try to do the same stripes over and over, but that isn't going to happen since I ran out of some of the colors. :(  The turqoises I totally ran out of. So... I don't know what I am going to do. Hopefully I can find some more but so far I haven't seen any at either Walmart here. Maybe Hobby Lobby will have something..)  Anyway. I want to try making one like ICanMakeThat's, with blocks of color instead of stripes.  I love working on this at night while I watch tv; keeps me warm as I work on it. :D

Look what I have to deal with every time I try to sit down and crochet...  Lol!! They both were trying to put their heads on my lap.  

I finally put an old twin sized sheet on the couch for them. Since they think they rule the roost, and can do whatever they want (get on the couch).  And Duke will run in the house, and jump right on the couch as soon as we let him in. Which means he probably has dirt and or mud/snow on him (I try to wipe him off when I let him in, but no one else does). And he goes straight for the couch sometimes. So...  I'm glad for the sheet. Even though it looks SO red-neck. Lol  Anyway I thought this was kind of cute, Jetta laying on Duke. :P


paula said...

I LOVE the stripes in your afghan, specially the deep burgandy at the beginning . . it just sets the colors off.

Duke looks like "Who's laying on my butt?" LOLOL

Mimi said...

aww...they are both adorable!
The baby set is so cute...and I like your striped square afghan too :)