Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finished Hubby's Balaclava

...Just in time for a heat wave of 55 degrees. :/  (Why couldn't I have finished it before we had the negative temperatures like last week?)  Oh well... He will have it for next time. I thought since he is working outside again in cold weather, he would like one. I knitted him one a long time ago (when we lived in Michigan), but we don't know what happened to it. That one was super warm. I held two strands together to knit it. From a pattern in a book I have.

This pattern I found on Ravelry (where else?)  :)  It's the Easy Balaclava pattern by Nanette Blanchard.

I also finished a coffee cup cozy for a little gift for a pen friend of mine, Linda. :D

I didn't have a to-go coffee cup available, so I used a pop can. :P  It's the Frayed Knot's 15 min coffee sleeve pattern; a free Ravelry download.

Now to finish a hat/scarf/glove set for LOWO. I have everything except the hat done. And I started a new diagonal (Corner-To-Corner Throw) baby afghan, too. Those are my current projects.  Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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Mimi said...

Cool projects, Tina! The balaclava looks very nice ;) Hope you don't experience too harsh weather out there...