Thursday, January 02, 2014

Moms Old Sewing Tin

The boys and I had lunch with my Mom while she was here. :)  We met at Cheddar's. I hadn't been there since we moved here. (I have been there before, though- when I came to visit my Mom here a few years ago.)  I took pictures of the boys but they weren't smiling... So...

A picture of some of the goodies my Mom bought us. (She renewed her Sam's Club Membership while she was here, lol...)  She bought us a lot of stuff. I didn't take pictures of it all. She also bought us a two piece serving dish set. And a five piece mixing bowl set. When we went to my brothers for dinner, we brought the salad in a big tupperware type square container. I was embarrassed and explained we don't have half our stuff with us so I had to bring the sald in this.. And so she bought me some more dishes. :D

Here are the cookies she bought.  I just that morning (I don't know why) was thinking about my Mom's old sewing tin she had, and how I used to dig through it and find all the treasures.  And she brought over a tin of cookies that same day. I told her about that, and asked her if she still had that tin.

She did, and she said I could have it if I wanted it. :0  Then she told me my Grandma (my Dad's mom) gave her the tin. So that makes it even more special. :D  It says "Hostess Fruit Cake" on the bottom. I bet it's an "antique". Well I'm sure it has to be, since I am in my forties and I was just little when she had this... :P  My Grandma loved tins, and gave me several of hers, which I still have (although they are in storage).

ETA: I googled "Vintage Hostess Fruitcake Tin" and this tin came up a lot. I guess it is even older than I thought! The pictures said "1950's Hostess Fruitcake Tin".  Wow!!

Here's all the "goodies" inside. A lot of shoelaces. Mostly buttons and some "jewels". A wooden handled (looks like a mini Pizza cutter?) thingy for sewing. It seems like there were more things when I was little. I could have swore she had some crochet hooks in there. My Mom never crocheted, but my Grandma (her Mom) did, I think. And three of my Aunts do.


paula said...

Hey there CHICKIE ! ! ! ! ! !

ANTIQUE . . . I was born in 1951!


I Loved getting into my grandma's button tin . . . full of TREASURES!

Happy New Year to all of you:)

Tina said...

Well technically I am an antique, too. Lol My Mom was born in 49. Happy New Year Paula. :)

Mimi said...

That's so cool Tina! I love old, simple but beautiful things too :)