Friday, January 31, 2014

"Souperbowl" Party

Eons' school is having a "Souperbowl" thing today: Wear your favorite team shirt, and bring in a can of soup (for the soup drive).  His favorite team (has always been) is the Broncos. So... I had to crochet him a Broncos hat, too.

I just used a basic earflap hat pattern. Added the ties, and did 6 inch fringe (two orange, two blue held together) for the Mohawk part. I wasn't really sure if he would like the hat or not..

But.. I wrapped the hat (it was either Birthday or Christmas wrapping paper, lol) and went to the Sports Authority store to get him a Broncos t-shirt. (Only place I could find one in town). Put it on the back seat to surprise him after school yesterday. :) He kept talking about the Superbowl thing all week; and then would say, "I don't have a jersey though.." So I went to try and find something for him to wear. ;)

Opening the hat (and talking, lol...). I think he really liked the hat and shirt. He wore the hat to school this morning. He said, "I like this (the mohawk/fringe), it's like the mane on a horse." Lol. He cracks me up. I said, "It's supposed to be a mohawk." :P  I'm not sure if his school is doing anything Superbowl wise, other than the soup can drive. Eli's school is; he's having a Superbowl Party in his first period. They're having a Food Drive at his school, too. He asked me last night if he could get something to bring for the party. He doesn't usually get excited (not that he was "excited", but..) about anything, or want to "do" anything... And has been having a bit of a time adjusting to a new school here (he still hasn't made any new friends- although I think he could if he tried!!). So I wanted to make it fun for him. Although, if I had had a little forewarning/more of a notice, (I told him) I could probably have come up with some really fun Superbowl foods. But we just got some donuts and Doritos, and a box of crackers for the Food Drive.  That was all he wanted to get. :)

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paula said...

I like the pix of Eon opening his treasures :)