Friday, December 30, 2005

I still don't know what is up with Blogger??? Well here is the 'Real Deal'; the Donnas Bangle Purse at Crochetville. I am just waiting on some black acrylic bangles I ordered through Ejoyce. I have some brown wooden bangles (in the last post you can see them, and some bamboo ones, too.) But somehow they didn't 'go' with a grey purse with black ribbon and lining. Maybe by the time the bangles get here I will have the lining done. Thankfully my husband brought my cutting mat and sewing box when he came back from Michigan. So it will be easy, just a matter of doing it. I think I want to send this one to my mom. If she doesn't want it, or wants a different color, it will go to my sister-in-law in Texas.
Well I think I am finally getting used to the fact that we live in Colorado. I don't want to go back to Michigan any more at least. Once I start knowing my way around I think I will feel better, too.

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