Sunday, December 25, 2005

Our view from the back deck of our new house

Well we have been here about a week and a half. But busy, unpacking, shopping, getting used to the new surroundings... I like it here. The town we live in is pretty old. I think it needs to be fixed up. I noticed a few new stores/storefronts since we were here two years ago, though. And a sign 'New things are coming we're not kiddin' around'. So maybe they are fixing this town up. The house we are staying in is pretty old, too. They have done a lot of remodeling to it. The outside looks pretty nice. But the plumbing backed up the day we got here. The hot water heater is tiny! Only one person can take a shower in the morning, then there isn't enough hot water for the next person. Last night my husband opened the door to the attic and there is NO insulation. We kind of figured that, since it's so cold in here. Thank goodness there is a fireplace and a wood burning stove, we will need them! But, it is a pretty nice house compared to one we looked at the other night. People seem friendly out here. After living in Ann Arbor and getting used to being snubbed by everyone, I was getting really freaked out when someone would just come up to me in the aisle at WalMart and start up a conversation. I thought something must be wrong with them. But after the third person; I started thinking, 'maybe people are just more friendly out here.' (Scratching head here..) Which is a nice change!!
I have been crocheting a little, too. I'm still working on the Bangle purse by Donna/NinaKate at Crochetville. I found a HobbyLobby here! It is HUGE!! I didn't think to look for black bangles the last time I was there. (I was looking for thread, for curtains I want to shorten.) Anyway, I will have to go back there someday with no kids and a little money to spend! That is about all I have worked on other than my rectangle grannyghan. I try to work on that every now and then, though. More pictures coming soon! Have a great weekend!


Mimi said...

Nice going Tina! I would love a friendly neighborhood too. And a HobbyLobby store nearby!

Tina said...

Hi Mimi! So far the neighbors are friendly. I just met the one next to us yesterday, his name is Scott. He was nice. The one on the other side is an elderly gentleman who has lived here 50 years I think. (That shows you how old this house is.);p
The Hobby Lobby is nice, too if one has money to spend in it!! ;p