Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Baby Afghan (In Progress) For My Neighbor

(A close-up of the stitches)

My neighbor has been so nice. Our kids ride the bus together. One day I forgot it was early pick-up, and her and her husband stayed with Eon until I got there. I was so grateful I made them cookies. (I have returned the favor to them too; when they forgot about early pick-up. :P)   They have invited us over for dinner since, and to a birthday party...        Ever since I found out they were having a boy, I bought some blue "Pound of Love" yarn to make this afghan with.  She gave me an invitation to their baby shower not too long ago. It's next weekend. :0

That same day, I went home and started on it. (I was thinking I had until May~ when the baby is due..)  Oh well. :P  I figured out if I did ten rows a day, it could be done.  So far I have stayed on schedule. :P   Yesterday we went somewhere & I took it with me to work on in the car. I'm glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten my ten rows done.  I only have 33 rows left to do, plus the edging.  This is the same afghan pattern I made for my nephew Gavin. I like it.  I am also making a card for the shower, too. Just waiting for my "stork" stamp I bought on ebay to come; so I can finish it. :D 

I was thinking about crocheting something for my sister in law who is due next month. She's also having a boy. But then I remembered how she complained that "They don't have much use for a sweater in Texas," when I sent her the baby sweater/hat for her daughter. (Whatever... I live in Nevada, and I know it gets cold sometimes..)  So after that rude comment (and probably no thank you, either..) I decided never to make her anything again.   I am making her a card though, and will probably send a gift certificate.


Mimi said...

That looks very nice Tina!...It is wonderful to have thoughtful neighbors, both of you are happy ;) I miss seeing a baby grow, I hardly see my grandnieces.

Susan said...

Hi Tina!

Thank You for the remarks! Yes.. so much fun dreaming about how to decorate the bathroom once it's done.

~ Susan