Monday, August 08, 2011

It's Still Christmas... In August! :P

I got another HIJ RAOK!! I couldn't believe it. It was from sopo & lil-hippie (Mom & daughter) <3.  I kept pulling things out of the puffy and thinking "Huh?"...  Two squares, two cards with "Tina" on them. I figured out it was from two different people~ It's a Two For One!! :D   This square and FBB cell phone cozy (and beautiful card) is from sopo. I love it all! The square is my absolute favorite color right now.

And this is from lil-hippie.  A matching square & (adorable!!) owl.  And, a hemp keychain (I love the way it smells). I put it on my keys already. And the cutest little doggy card. :P  Thank you so much, sopo and lil-hippie. 

I put the owl on my bookshelf next to the angel pin that Mary sent me, too.  <3

And,  I finally got some more black yarn. (Do you want to hear the story of how I *didn't* get black yarn?... Probably not...)  Well, we went yesterday: did some school shopping for the kids, and I got to go to JoAnns!!  I just got black yarn, and some white baby boucle for some Christmas Stockings I am going to crochet. (That was enough!~ Yarn is getting way ridiculous. I saw some skeins for $10~ And if I remember they were only Red Heart.?) Anyway. So...  I was able to finish edging and putting together all my friendshipghan squares I have gotten so far!

And, I got some crocheting in yesterday, too. Some more squares to send out.  Jetta was helping me. :P  I laughed when she climbed in next to me & put her paw on my yarn, like she was helping me. "Here, use this yarn..". :P She kept doing it, too. I told Eon, go get my phone (please)?..   (I don't know why her ears are plastered to her head... Maybe she was afraid of my phone. lol..)   Um, she really smells by the way. Good thing this picture isn't a scratch n' sniff.  I need to give her another bath.  Maybe I can con Eli into doing it. He likes to do it, for some reason..  And Jetta is easy to give baths to. (Well she used to be. She was too afraid to move so she just sat there.) Now might not be so easy. We'll see... 

Here are all my motifs for my Polka Dot Christmas Stocking. This one is going to be for me. How selfish of me, eh? To make mine first?..  But no one else knows what kind they want/doesn't care. So. I picked one out I liked, and thought, "Maybe if I make one, then they can all decide..."  I have almost all of it done. I got to the heel part and got SO confused.  I think I might have it figured out.  I'll have to finish this when I'm not tired.  After this I will start my husband's and then my brothers'. (I'm making the same ones for both of them.) The  from the Lion Brand Yarn site: Holiday Cheer Stocking..    My husband said he wanted just a plain red one with a white top.  So, I went on Ravelry and looked at Christmas Stockings & found one I liked..  :)

I got a new magazine the other day. (I'm a magazine junkie~ A crochet magazine junkie, at least..)  This has an adorable snowman and some Christmas Ornaments (crocheted). I kept picking it up & looking at it. And finally decided to buy it..

Last night Eon said "Tomorrow can you wake me up like two minutes after you get up?"  lol!...  I said "How about two minutes after I've had my coffee?"  (It's been a lot more than that...)   I am going to let him sleep. It's summer time! Kid needs to get all the sleep he can. School will be starting soon & he'll have to get up early then...  


Mimi said...

I can see you're really into Christmas celebration this time. Those little holiday items will surely liven up your home...and looks like Jetta is enjoying the projects (and yarns) as well :)

Tina said...

Yes, she is my little helper. Sometimes I think she is part cat. :P