Saturday, August 06, 2011

Cracker Jack Cookies

Don't look very good, do they? (Hang on... It gets better. ;P)  When we went to Colorado last December & visited our friends, my girlfriend had made some Cracker Jack Cookies. I had never heard of them.  I asked for the recipe. This is the second time I have made them. I was getting so frustrated, because this is what they came out looking like. But the cookie dough tastes awesome. I couldn't see how they kept coming out so terrible.  So, I went online and googled the recipe. After reading some of the reviews, I figured out you are supposed to use ALL the ingredients.  I thought you just used any of the ingredients that you had on hand. (I am so dizzy sometimes...)  Well after having my husband bring me home some chocolate chips, I still ended up having to go to the store for other ingredients, which I didn't have (shredded coconut & oatmeal).  I didn't even want to use coconut, since I hate it. But in one of the reviews I read, it said the coconut is really what holds these cookies together. And, you can't even taste it.    Oh, and I used some almonds, leftover from when I made the strawberry mice.

But look how much better they came out! I only added one cup of coconut & one cup of oatmeal (and a pinch of salt~which wasn't on my recipe), since I had already used probably half the cookie dough.  I'm so happy, cuz these are awesome cookies!!  And I have enough stuff to make more, later.   Except chocolate chips.... :P  

This recipe is exact-atacly like the one I used: Cracker Jack Cookies II Recipe  Funny, I thought it was a newer recipe. Turns out it is a really, really old recipe!! Obviously, it has stood the test of time.  :)  I'm going to print this recipe out, since it's a little more clear than the one my friend wrote out for me.  :)


paula said...

Oh Great! Another recipe for me to hunt and print . . thhanks . . LOLOL


Tina said...

Paula, I put a link in for the recipe~ so you wouldn't have to hunt it, at least. ;) Just print. :D