Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Pullover, And a Shrug...

I finished this pullover this morning. :D  Isn't it cute?  It's for Knit-A-Square.  I also knitted a square. I need to take a picture of that..  The pattern for this pullover, and the square that I knitted, are both on this site. Under "knit instructions".   I'm not quite sure what size this is. But I know some little one will be able to wear it. <3   And it is made with wool. (Not sure exactly what kind, as it came with a Rat Race Scarf pattern kit I ordered and there wasn't a label.) So it will keep them extra warm (I hope).  <3 

And this is another Simple Shrug (<--- Ravelry Page) I finished. (A while ago.) I haven't posted it yet, though. Since I was sending it someone. They are scheduled to receive it today. So I will post this, after I know the person has gotten it. :P  Update: She got it, and she says it's perfect. Yay!! <3

Here it is, on me. (Oops, I see a couple ends sticking out that I hadn't weaved in yet..)  It is a Large, and I wear a Medium.  But I just had to try it on. This is the second one I have made from this pattern; in the December 2010 issue of Crochet World.  This is the first one I made.   

P.S. I see Ads!  Yay... :P  (I had to do something to my blog to make the ads show... Computer illiterate, I am... :P)

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