Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back To School Time :)

I enrolled our youngest son into a new school this year. Long story. If you care to hear about it..  His old school (the oldest school in the county) built a new school~ way on the North end of town. (The old one is on this end.) I guess it makes sense, since there aren't any schools over there. But a lot of people have to go to different schools now.   At the end of last year, it was so confusing. The school newsletter said all students who currently attended would be going to the new school. (An earlier newsletter said they wouldn't.) Then, the last day of school, my son's first grade teacher said that they weren't accepting any variances. So. I just figured I would find out where he was supposed to go and enroll him there.  And I did. The day after I enrolled him, I got a letter in the mail saying the (old) school was a "Needs Improvement" school, and if we wanted to enroll our child in *&%$# Elementary School, they were not a Needs Improvement school.  :0   (That's the school he will be attending.) So I am feeling good about things now.  Then that same day, I got a phone call from the (old) school saying his new teacher is...      o.0   (sigh...)   Anyway, I took this picture the day I enrolled him. :P  We met one of the third grade teachers. Won't find out who his teacher is until tomorrow night at Open House. :)

We went for a little road trip (only a couple hours). There is a candy store about two hours from here. We went there once, for something to do. And there is a town park nearby so we went there, too. Now it has become a thing to do. Our youngest son thinks it is big fun.  :P  Although the park equipment was too hot to play on. :(   We did see some wild donkeys on the way home.  One came right up to our car. (Which makes me kind of nervous... That it might get hit by a car, you know..)     :/    It was really neat, though.  And I think (hope) people in town know about the donkeys, and look out for them. (This was right in "town", by the way.)  

My husband was nervous that it might jump up on the car. (I kind of was, too. My window was down.) :0  So we took off~ and this was the picture I got. Oh well.  There was another donkey under the tree in the background (on the left of the tree).

And, a knitting project I have been working on. I recently joined the Knit-A-Square group on Ravelry. I am almost done with this. I'm actually all done with the knitting. I just have to sew it up. I've been weaving in ends..  I haven't done any knitting in a while. I don't know why. I love it. 

P.S. Do you see any ads on this blog? I tried singing up for AdSense, and I see blank areas (where an ad might be?)....   But, I don't think I did it right.  :/


Mimi said...

Good luck on the new school, sounds good so far...and you're son is so grown up now!
The donkey looks like he needed a friend (or maybe food...), but I would be nervous too since they're out there in the wild.
Is that a wearable you're knitting? nice green color, and cute stripes!
(I'm not seeing any ads yet...have you gotten an email that your application had been approved? I think it takes a while)

Tina said...

Hi, Mimi. :D Yes; it is a pullover, for a small child. :) I'm not sure what size it is. I would say 12 months. But it's been so long since I've had mine as babies, I probably have forgotten sizes..

No, I haven't gotten any emails yet. That was one of the reasons I thought maybe I didn't do something right. Plus, I could see ads right away on my other blog. :/

paula said...

Under th light green post area, right where the background turns darker green, on the left of the page are the ads . . . hope you make some $$$$$

Tina said...

I see them now! I had to do something in the page elements (template, in the old blogger layout) to make the ads show up. Yay, me. :D (I am a computer dummy if there ever was one.. lol)

Susan said...

Those pictures remind me of when we visted Oakmont..:-) It was HOT there.