Friday, July 29, 2011

My "New" Craft Room

Well, it isn't totally organized yet. But... Here is my "new" craft room.  :)   I think I mentioned before that our 19 year old moved out at the end of May. Well we moved the 8 year old (this was his room) into his older brother's old room (after painting & cleaning it!). Then, I moved all my stuff into this room.  (Can you believe all this was in my bedroom?!! :0  Some of it was stuffed under the bed & in the closet... ) 

The book shelves. 

Kind of messy corner (all the bags of stuff were under my bed~ the clothes hanger thingy was for our son, since there isn't a closet in here~ since it isn't a real bedroom..) 

My yarn "bins". And puppy. :P  She loves coming in there. I put all my stuff in her corner (so she can't go back there & hide anymore). So she was pouting. ;P

My window. :D  And sewing machine. Which I *will* learn to use one day! (Maybe after the kids go back to school...)

My Crochetville bag. :P  (I don't know if you noticed the one Mary Jo sent me, too~ third picture from the top?... :D )

This is what it looked like, before organizing it. (Even though I still have a lot more to do..)  This wasn't even after all my stuff was in here. It did look worse than this. I got the two hamsters out, though; and in my sons' room.  I might move them back in here; I don't know~ Once school starts.  We'll see.. 

I hope to get a second hand chair to sit in, in here (and a sewing table & chair, too) ~~~  someday..  :)  I am just happy I have a craft room again.  :)


Mimi said...

Ooh...I can see that was a lot of work Tina! It turned out pretty well too. I would love to have a big bookshelf like yours to keep all craft books and magazines in one place ;)
I love your window!!
I also have a covered sewing machine that I need to learn how to use :p

Tina said...

Thanks, Mimi. It was a lot of work. I tried to do little bits at a time. Then one day, just finished it all (most of it anyway). :)

Lucy said...

A whole room to yourself...I'm jealous!!

Tina said...

Well, I never get to go in there by myself... The puppy follows me in there. Then the 8 year old comes and finds me, and comes in there... ;P lol