Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Holidays In July Crochet..

Here are some of the things I have been crocheting for the Holidays In July RAOK at Crochetville.. I sent this one out to someone today. I got the towels at Family Dollar.  I might make one of these for myself, since my kitchen is roosters/chickens; and the burgundy would go good in my kitchen.  :)   I started another one of these today.

Here are some Angel Ornaments I made. They are pretty fun to make. I got the pattern in "150 Weekend Crochet Projects", by the House of White Birches.

And some more ornaments, Christmas Wreath Ornament by Beansprout Creations. These are so fun.

And, a cute Mini Motif Stocking by Doris Chan. I only made this one (which I sent out today, also). You could stick a little mini candy cane in it. Or other tiny things..  I hope to make lots more. Of all of the ornaments.  I also want to make some big stockings, for the chimney. This will be our first year celebrating Christmas as a famiy.

Okay, well this isn't HIJ crochet, but..  It's another Simple Shrug I started.

This is the Granny Ripple Bag by Carlinda. 

And some cat toys. This picture isn't the greatest. They are supposed to be fortune cookies. I got the pattern at the Lion Brand Yarn site: Amigurumi Fortune Cookie Cat Toy

And Ice Cream Cone Cat Toys. How cute are these? I had to make a couple.  The pattern is by Stormyz, she has some cute patterns. :)

Well, I think the towel topper is the last thing I am going to be crocheting for the Holidays In July. It ends this Sunday. I need to get stuff done around this house. (Sigh..)   Today the 8 year old and I tie-dyed a t-shirt for him. He wanted green and brown. I said "Okay"  (but in my mind thought "oooooookaaaay.." lol)  It doesn't look too bad. We'll see how it turns out, tomorrow. (Have to leave it overnight.)    So... Stay tuned for a picture of a tie-dyed t-shirt. :)  Til next time~~~
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Mimi said...

All those projects are sooo cute Tina! I love the granny ripple bag the most, its so stylish!
So good to know you're celebrating Christmas in your family!! This time around this might be the worst Christmas for me, but I'm trying to psyche myself up and make the most of it.

Lucy said...

Looks the towel hanger!

Tina said...

Thanks Mimi & Lucy. <3 I know it will be tight for us, too; Mimi. I already spent too much~ just thinking about things to buy. lol...