Friday, July 08, 2011

"Recycled" Earrings

I crocheted some earrings today. I actually made the earrings in the last picture, first. Then I went on Ravelry and CPC to see if I could find any other ones I liked. I did find one pattern. But I didn't have the supplies (bone rings or the type of beads) I needed. So I decided to do my own thing. I used the rings from plastic pop bottles. :P First I tried cotton thread. But it didn't work very well. Then I thought what about thin yarn? So I looked in my sock yarn drawer. I found this yarn. It worked really well (IMO).  I wrote up how I did it on my pattern blog. I called them "Simple Circle Earrings".  Not bad for leftover sock yarn and something you would just put in the recycle bin anyway. I like them.

I only had four plastic pop bottle rings. I'm keeping the blue pair for myself. The yellow pair I am sending to a girl on PR.  (These were all done with the same ball of yarn~ I did have to cut it in spots to make them almost the same).

And the pair on the left were made with rings from gallons of milk . :P  I think I might keep those, too.

These were the pair I crocheted first. They're the Dainty Earrings. I've made several pairs of these before.    Well I should get dinner started.  I guess that's what happens when you crochet all day. It's time to make dinner, before you know it.. 

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