Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Second Sock

I have started the second sock for my swap partner. I don't have 'Second Sock Syndrome' at all this time, either. ;) I even want to make some more, and have two different kinds of sock yarn to try.
Sunny came back home. After I drove around for ten minutes looking for her, and asked someone who was standing outside if they saw a little red dog... I came back home, and there she was, standing there. 'What? I didn't do anything...' I don't think she was gone long enough to have gotten 'it'... I guess if she starts getting big and has puppies in nine weeks, we'll know... Ugh... I just want to get her fixed and not worry about it any more.
Anyway... I wasted about an hour at least today doing something that is a complete waste of time but needs to be done.... I washed walls. They were filthy. You would think everyone walks around with their filthy dirty hands on the walls all day. Now if I can just keep everyone's hands off the walls until we move... Oh well they'll still be cleaner than me not doing it at all. And they look a lot better.
Have a Nice Day everyone! ;)


Mimi said...

oh no, now I notice the walls in my room are sooo dirty, and there arent even kids here anymore! I better just ignore it, its so ugly...I think I'll have it repainted...And as I type I notice my keyboard looks so filthy, now I got to go clean it up...hehe...Talk to you later, Tina ;)

Tina said...

Mimi you are hilarious! My keyboard keys are filthy, too. I don't know how to clean them. Vaccuum, maybe? I am just cleaning since we have to move soon... I also didn't mean to clean so many walls. I started by washing the wall behind the garbage can and just kept going.... I could have gotten a lot of crocheting done for all the time I wasted! hee hee