Saturday, May 09, 2009

More Puppy Pictures, and some WIPs

Of course I have to take lots of pictures of the new puppy. :-D He's my baby. He can fall asleep in the weirdest places. I think he liked the coolness of the tile here.
Trying to get a close-up of his face. Little bit blurry.... We have to keep him isolated for ten days. Then we can take him out. I think he is getting used to us, and likes us. He is being more of a real puppy. Like climbing up to see what is in a pot on the patio and trying to dig in the dirt. Eating rocks (ugh!), and grass and weeds. Just laying outside. Today he got down on his front paws like he wanted to play. He's been doing the cutest things. We just love him! If we could just get him to stop whining at night. I think he will get over it soon, though. Especially now that he is warming up to us.
I am insane. I am trying to make a bed for him out of some old jeans. I just cut them as straight as I could, and sewed them together. No easy feat~~ My sewing machine is broken. (Which is why I said I am insane!) Here are three legs. One seam is done. One pinned.

And the piece of foam I am going to cover up with the jeans:

He has already been laying on it. I think he likes it. I have no idea how I will finish up the sides of it. I really haven't enjoyed sewing in a long time. (I *used* to do minature quilts by hand.)
Here is my progress on the squares for the wheelchair lapghan. Only four left to go. Technically, less than four. I have one almost done.
I have my swap partner's box ready to go; for the Scrap Swap. I will probably mail it out Monday. I hope you are all having a great weekend. :)


Cherri said...

I adore your puppy. Now I want one! LOL! Your ghan is so pretty. It's gonna be gorgeous!! Enjoy your new baby. :)
Hugs, Cherri

Ghost said...

Love your squares and the colors. The puppy pics are awesome so glad your enjoying him.

Tina said...

Cherri, there still might be some left at the animal shelter, if you hurry! LOL ;P He has defintely warmed up to us: He is like a Tasmanian Devil/Pirranha! LOL I took him outside to play with him, then I gave him a bath. It must have wore him out he has been asleep for over half an hour. :P

Thanks for the compliments/encouragement on the squares. I am running out of color scheme ideas. (Guess that means I need to go buy some more yarn tee hee!!) :P I added both your buttons in my sidebar yesterday, did you see? :-D Now I can go visit your blogs easily.

Vicki said...

Your puppy is just too cute, Tina! He has beautiful markings, what a gorgeous boy he's going to grow up to be!

I love the lapghan and can't wait to see it altogether. I think your color scheme works very well together. It's going to be bee-you-tee-ful when it's done!

Mimi said...

He does sleep like a cute!
Have you all decided on his name?
I like your lapghan too, the colors do go together.

If you haven't finished the dog bed yet, I have an idea...If you cut a piece of fabric as big as the base of the foam (and put some glue on it so it would remain in place on the foam), then you can whip stitch the recycled jeans on it...

Tina said...

I guess I didn't say what his name was, did I? We named him Koda.

I was thinking about getting some super glue or something to glue the sides on. But then I worried he would chew it and maybe get sick. I will figure out something. I have some velcro tabs I was thinking about doing something with (that way I could take it off and wash it if I had to.) Thanks for the suggestion, Mimi. :)

Mimi said...

Oops, sorry Tina...I forgot you already mentioned his name and the reason you gave him that name :p

Puppies do whine a lot when it doesn't have company at night...but I guess he'll get used to it soon ;)

Lucy said...

Nice squares!!!!! And your puppy is too cute for words...I wish I could take pics of mine that still...of course they aren't puppies anymore!