Monday, September 06, 2010

Friendship Squares

Here are all of the Friendshipghan Squares I have received so far. I layed them all out & took a picture of them.  I wanted to edge them in black. But I'm not so sure now. I'm so indecisive.. lol.  I have a couple squares to mail out. I didn't have an updated list. (Now I have one.) I have been finishing up things for the Bookmark Swap I am in. I completely finished all the projects for that, today. Now I need to finish the Lamb Sweater for my nephew. (Sigh.) I thought I was done with the neck. But it looked really tight. So I tried finding the end to unravel it. That didn't work and now I have a big mess.  :(  I hope I can undo it. I hate picking up stitches around necklines.  Maybe I can just sew up the sides/sleeves meanwhile.  I want to mail it to my sister before it is too small for him.  I am getting really burned out on knitting and crocheting. I think it's because of things I "have" to do...  Oh well. I haven't started any new projects. So that's good.  

I hope everyone is having a nice three day weekend. Back to the grind, tomorrow...  :/ 

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Paula said...

I like to edge my squares with one or two rows of sc . . then use that color to sc them together . . makes the afghan look like a stained glass window.

can't wait to see what you do.

\\0/ paula