Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mmmm.. Food Post

Chicken Pot Pie. Yummy...    It always makes me bloated and gassy (TMI?...), but I still love it. I made this for dinner last night. I had three pieces of chicken in the freezer (not enough for a family of 5).  So I thought "Chicken Pot Pie". I love Chicken Tettrazini, but my husband "hates" it. Our 18 year old "hates" Chicken Pot Pie. Oh well. I can't please everyone..   Oh, note to self: Do not buy the combo packs of chicken anymore. The "three" pieces of chicken had two backs (?). Like one tiny scrap of meat on each. I know they put those in there just to add poundage to the package and make money off you for nothing!! It's so irritating. So I only technically had one piece of chicken.  Anyway~ I had three bags of frozen (yuck, I hate frozen vegetables) green beans, so I used up a little of those, in this... I just put whatever vegetables that would work, in there. Corn, carrots..  Make all the vegetables, meat..  Then I make the sauce, saute onions and make a Veloute (?) sauce (which you should be able to find anywhere online? It's basically, butter, put in flour to thicken, then add chicken broth. That's how I make mine). Then I make the crusts. Put the chicken on the bottom, then the onions, then the vegetables. Then the sauce. Put the top crust on. I also put an egg yolk mixed w/ a Tablespoon of water brushed on the crust.  Eon (the 7 year old) said last night "Is this a 'Pie pie' or a dinner pie?"  Funny boy..  He loves to eat the leftover pie crust. He loves it so much; he was scraping it off the rolling pin. I kid you not. :P

Anyway.  I am crocheting an Ami for an Ami Swap I am in on Crochetville. I don't know if it's technically an official swap, or not. It's in the Friendshipghan CAL thread..  We're just sending an Ami. That's all I can say. But I am done with the head and I think it turned out SOOO cool!! I'm going to have to keep it hidden from my kids. I know they'll be like "Are you making that for me?" "Can I have it?"..  And then I'll say "No, it's for a Swap I'm in".  Then they'll be all mopey and walk around like, "poor me, I never get anything"... lol (This is not true, you should SEE all the toys I have crocheted them. I should set them all up and take a picture of them someday just cuz..)  Anyway. I'm glad it turned out good. The head is the part I worry about the most. I almost got panicky because I couldn't remember for nothing where I packed my eyes (the little lock on eyes). I can only get them at Hobby Lobby. (We have a new Hobby Lobby here, did I mention? I haven't been there yet and don't know how to get there but maybe my husband could take me there someday..)  Anyway. I looked everywhere! In every single bag and box I have in the closet. Nothing. Took everything out of my sewing box. Nope. I have three big Rubbermaid totes. Took everything out of those (twice!). Nadda...  Well today I went over by my bookshelf for some reason and looked down, and there they were!! In a hat. ?? I have been making cards since we've moved here, I've been there like 20 times. Sigh...  Oh well. I'm just glad I found them, and I could finish the head now. :D (That was what I wanted them for.)  I just the past couple weeks had been looking for something else I couldn't find; since we moved. I couldn't find that anywhere, either (the Barbie Doll furniture, since I finished the tent.) I was getting really upset, because there was NO WAY I was going to re-do all that Barbie Doll furniture.  I found that by "accident", too. It was underneath the pile of clothes we have had sitting there for the "garage sale". (Which we are probably never going to have... sigh) I can never find anything when I'm looking for it.  Only when I am looking for something else, totally unrelated (which I almost never find, until I am looking for something else, another time...) :P  Oh well. We need to stop moving so much, and get an extra bedroom so I can put all my craft stuff in it. Then maybe I could get totally organized.    Wow, I said a lot for that being "all I can say", huh? ...  :P   I hope everyone has a great weekend,if anyone even reads my blog... :P  Almost TGIF, yay!!  (Get to sleep in!...) 


Susan said...

HI Tina!

It won'r be long and I'll be making comfort foods like chicken pot pie... Too hot right now.

I like that COFFEE CUP you made ( pictured below this post.)

~ susan

Tina said...

Hi Susan. :) It's too hot here, too. Supposed to be in the 70s soon though. I can't wait.