Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I have been so busy crocheting and knitting my fingers off.  I just sent a box today to the Pine Ridge OB Ward. This is a set that I sent (among other things..)  I used the Sue's No-Holes Hexagon Sweater (like the Hexagon Sweater I have done, but no holes..) I just made each hexagon four inches wide to make it a newborn size.  The hat, I started out with one pattern, then switched to a different one. I wish I had written down what I did, because I really like that hat. The mittens are my own pattern. The booties are the SLK Booties pattern. I like those.  
ETA: I did write down what I did for the hat! (Yay, because I am making another one right now..  :D )  It is Bev's Preemie/Newborn Hat in the Round. (The largest size -13".) I just did the band like the Lion Brand Preemie hat, which is chain 11 (then do the rest just like the pattern says). Then, do the rest of the pattern just like it says. I did until the hat measures 4" from the band part, though. Not from the beginning. That way I can turn it up. (Actually, I did 4.5" from the band for this hat.. But I also think that hat was a little bit too big for what the OB unit likes for a newborn size. So I am going by the pattern from now on.)   ;)

Some headbands I made for a friend. Actually, another friend asked me if I could make her daughter some. She posted a picture on facebook. I asked her where she saw the picture (Pinterest). So I did a search on Pinterest, and couldn't find anything like it. So I asked her if she could "like" the picture, on Pinterest, so I could see if there was an available pattern. And there was. Woo Hoo!! (Oops, it looks like it is temporarily sold out. But, it is called Bow Ear Warmer- here's my Pin.) It technically isn't a headband pattern (which is why I probably couldn't find it, since I was typing in "headband"..). It's an ear warmer pattern.  These are for the friend who originally asked me to make some. Then, I made two for another friend who I've made headbands for her daughter in the past. Hers were orange, and pink. But I forgot to get a picture of them before I packaged them all up. :(

Then I made two for another friends' daughter. Mailed the last two packages out today.

And, another Christmas present (same people/family as the ear warmers..) done. More Minion Slippers.

And a booties/mitts set (same pattern as the booties/mitts above)

And, a snowman card I made one day when Eon had a snow day. We did Arts & Crafts. :D  It's been a long time since we have done that. He made a folded "book" (?) with a picture of Santa in it. He folded about four different pieces of card stock (Christmas colors) and glued them all together. Then put the picture of Santa in the middle.  I thought, "Oh that would be cool to make a card like that.." Mine was off-centered, though. I made a snowman scene. Nothing big.

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