Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tea Cozy Swap~ It's Coming!

Did you see these Too Cute Dolls? Oh my goodness, they are too cute!! (You knew it was coming, didn't you?) Seriously I do think they are adorable. Did you also know the tea cozy swap is coming up at Crochetville?!! Yup. I can't wait. I was in it last year. And, there aren't many swaps I join (especially lately). But this one I will. I have been looking for all things tea, tea cozies, anything... (If you scroll down and look at post #6 (here, I'll put a link in for you :P), I went back to the last years swap and found all the links I could for tea cozy patterns. (Some of them don't work. I think only two...) There's also this tea cozy (I can't remember where I saw it, and I'm not sure if it is in any of the other links... The one the person made was so pretty, the picture in the pattern does not do it justice.) You can buy tea stationery, tea cups, tea pots, and all kinds of things at Roses and Teacups. I found this page somewhere, too. It is exactly like the set of coasters I bought at a tea store out here, except mine were light green. (These are actually a lot cheaper than the ones I bought, too.) I was going to post pictures of some other tea cozies I have done. I didn't want to mess up my post or re-do the whole things, soo.... I'll put them in links... (Sorry) My Blue 'Wacky-do Scalloped Tea Cozy' (this is the first scalloped tea cozy I did, when I was testing it for Cupcake... I couldn't get it right. Cupcake said it was 'wacky-do'.. so that's what I call it now. :p I still have this one, I think it's all right.) This is a yellow and off-white scalloped tea cozy. I stupidly gave this one to my mother in law. I have another one somewhere started in one of my drawers. I forget what colors I had started it in.I should dig it out and finish it... and the rosy cozy I started, too. (Sigh...) :P My absolute favorite scalloped tea cozy I have ever done is the one I sent to my tea cozy partner, TamKing, in last years' swap. (It is also in the link to the post #6 at Crochetville, but if you didn't see it there...) I was trying to copy the colors of one that Cupcake did. I love how bright and cheery it came out. Well have a nice Sunday everyone.

*Update!* I found the cozy (scalloped one) I had started, and got the pattern out. I was making it just like my absolute favorite tea cozy I have ever done~ Yay!! And, I have all the yarn to do it. I don't know why I put it away, but... (story of my life, folks...) :P


Lisa said...

You know what? I really have to buy myself a teapot so I can make a cozy for it. I love those things..they're just too adoralbe!!

Tina said...

I have seen some nice ones at the Goodwill here. Or you could check yard sales/garage sales, too. Once you get your tea cozy on it, it doesn't matter what it looks like. ;) (I have a black one my mom gave me, not very *pretty*...but once I put my tea cozy from last year on it, it's cute...)