Friday, September 28, 2007

Some Stuff I Have Had Done for a While...

These are a potholder, dishcloth, and spiral scrubby set that I have had done for a long time. (All except the sewing up of the scrubby.) And taking a picture of them. The potholder pattern . (Something is wrong when I click on the link it says 'Bad Gateway'...) It is the 'Crocheted Double Thick Potholder'.) And I cannot seem to find the spiral scrubby pattern anywhere online. Woops, I lied. I posted a link for it right here on this very blog. Duh, me. Oh, and the dishcloth . I made a dishcloth like this one before. When we lived in Michigan. For the 'In Hot Water' dishcloth swap, I believe. :)
Remember this post? Well. I finally made the Homemade Mint Candies. Here they are. Basically, all they are is sugar, food coloring and mint flavoring. And that's what they basically taste like, too. But, I wanted to make them, and.... I finally did it. The roof of my mouth was all cut up when I first ate these. For some reason. I have ate one or two since then and it didn't hurt my mouth. (I am one of those weird people whose mouth gets cut up from eating cereal, too...)

And here's Barbie. I don't know if I ever posted this picture of her here or not... This outfit has been done for. ever. And a day. But I just am posting a picture of it now because I sent it out to the person I was going to send it to, today. Along with the dishcloth, potholder and scrubby. To the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, along with some other things. So, Barbie is naked, once again. Poor Barbie. I should really make her some of her own clothes... :P


Mimi said...

hahaha...I wish I could make myself something like that to wear, like you had on looks cute and comfy!
I also cut up my mouth when I eat candy. But its ok, coz I really avoid eating candies, which is just mostly sugar.

Lisa said...

Those chocolates look sooooooo yummy!! Send some my way, will ya? lol

Love the barbie outfit and the dishclothes too!! Great work.

Tina said...

LOL the pink ones? Those aren't chocolate (but they do make pink chocolates, I could get some and make some in my molds.)

I had a bit of a time getting Barbies' outfit on her. But I did it. Hopefully the little girls Barbie is the same exact size as mine. :P

Thanks Mimi and Lisa!