Monday, September 17, 2007


We went to someones' house for dinner last night. The kids were outside and picked some crabapples (they ate some too--yuck.) This is what we brought home. I went online to see what you could make with crabapples. I guess crabapple jelly is about the only thing. I did find a recipe for crabapple schnapps, though! (Yuck.) You could also make spiced crabapples for a side dish with meat. There was a recipe for pork medallions with spiced crabapples, by Hormel.
You could use the spiced crabapple recipe to go with the pork medallions... Here's a different one: Pickled crabapples I don't know if I would like that one. But someone might.. Anway I will need to pick about three pounds more of crabapples to make some jelly with them. I think I am going to try it. I found a few different recipes. Here's one from the UK. I think crabapple jelly is a big thing over there, because almost all the crabapple jelly recipes I found online were from the UK. Did you know that Martha whipped up some crabapple jelly whilst in prison? I think we all know which Martha I am talking about... Here's one from Yankee magazine. I will post any results. There are a lot of crabapple trees around here, I should be able to find one to pick from without getting into any trouble.... :P


Mimi said...

Hi Tina, I thought it was the same kind of fruit that we have here. But I googled for pics of the tree and realized its not the one.
The crabapple tree is very pretty when the flowers are in bloom!
The fruit looks good, does it taste like tart apples? If so, I think I would like it pickled ;)

Tina said...

Hi Mimi. They are very tart. Sour, more like. Not like a granny smith, even. Just sour. I don't like them at all plain. Our ten year old does.

What kind of fruit is it that you have? Didn't you blog about it once? That tree in your back yard? I hope I can find some more to at least try and make some jelly with. I've never had it before so I want to see what it is like. :)

Tina said...

Man, now I am double posting comments on my own blog... :P I was going to say, about the pickled crabapples... My family, on my dads' side, *loves* pickled eggs. So my family would probably like them pickled, too. :P

Lisa said...

I can remember picking these at my grandparents house as a kid....they're VERY sour/tart, if that makes sense.

My grandmother would always make a big deal out of the fact that we picked some apples for her, you know, putting on a show. I'm sure she tossed them out as soon as we went home.

Ahhhhhh, memories!!! Thanks for that!!

Mimi said...

...It was a different fruit tree I posted about - the rambutan.

If we go back to the beach house I'll take a pic of the tree with fruits that looks like small apples, but they don't turn red as far as I know, they're colored applegreen, and we call them mansanitas (little apples)
I love pickles, but avoid them because my stomach is already acidic :(