Saturday, September 08, 2007

Crochet Mania and *Stuff*

Well I feel like it's been a while since I posted... I know I haven't posted any pictures lately. Sorry. I have been making things. But they have to be kept top-secret until further notice.... :P I joined a new crochet message board: Crochet Mania! I like it, it's not as big as Crochetville. (Not that that's a bad thing, but it just feels more 'homey' there....) I am working on putting the button in my sidebar.

I am testing the glasses cases (and other cases) for Cupcake!! I am sooo excited she is letting me test. I haven't tested anything for a while. I want it to be fun, you know? I have to pick a perfect color. I started one (glasses case) in lavender. That will probably be for my Grandma. Her favorite colors are lavender and blue. And, she has glasses. So I think it will work out good. ;)

I am also testing the Baby Hat, by Mimi. I have to admit I forgot I was testing this, Mimi! I have no idea where my brain is lately, I am so sorry! I have been sick, and preoccupied, though... with quitting my job, kids starting school, being sick, and all. I didn't want you to think I forgot about it, though!

I have been sick for almost the whole week. I feel sick one day. Then the next day I feel a little better. Then the next day I feel sick again. Ugh. Today I felt sick again. I actually was supposed to work tonight. But, I called in sick. I felt guilty doing it. But. I have not called in sick one single day, since I started this job (eight and a half months I've been there.) And, I have gone in sick or not feeling well, a lot. In fact, the last time I worked, I was sick. But, I went in, cuz I needed the money... And now, this might be the last day I would have been able to work. I'm not on the schedule any more this week. And my last day is the 17th. (Because I am not on the schedule-- I need something steady.) Not feast or famine... And usually it's *famine*, because by the time they put me back on the schedule, even if they give me a few days, I don't really catch up, since I wasn't making anything all along. You know? I'm sick of it. So I finally put in my letter of resignation. Now, I just have to find a new job. (Sigh....) More stress.

Well I hope you're all having a nice weekend. I did get a break from the kids tonight. We were invited over to someones' house for dinner. My husband took all three kids with him. So I got about a four hour :0 break!! Wow. It didn't seem that long. I mostly wasted it on the computer. But I did crochet some. Have a great weekend!


Mimi said...

Oh Tina, I had two sons so I know what you mean...actually I know that you have it worse than I did, with everything...but still, your rewards will be greater I'm sure. Just take care of yourself too.

Hey, I went to cupcake's post and saw her cases and they look so cool! Are they all made from WW yarn? I now have some camo yarns here (thanks to FGMs) and I have the bigger hooks that you gave me, so I'm all set to make some of those. That is, after I finish my WIPs in thread :p

Tina said...

Yes, they are in WW yarn. I like quick little projects especially really useful ones. (The flufferfly was quick, but it wasn't really useful unless I put a magnet on it and hung it on the fridge...)

Our fifteen year old helps out a lot with the younger ones. Course, sometimes he thinks he can *help out* even when we are sitting right there... Must be an oldest child thing, to boss the younger ones around... (I did it.) :P