Tuesday, October 22, 2013

...until Christmas!  :0  

Since I didn't have any other pictures to share or projects to share, I thought I would post this. :P  

Yesterday I saw Paula's Pulled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Recipe on her blog. I was craving it SO bad!! Even though I had never had it before. It just looked so good. And, something different.  I don't usually like Buffalo Wild Wings Chicken, so I had never had any kind of Buffalo Chicken..  (I don't like hot stuff, or hot sauce..)  But hers didn't look "hot".  Well, since I don't have a Crock Pot (and I didn't have ten hours to make it, either); I tried googling Buffalo Chicken Breast recipes, and last night I made some for dinner. It was SOOO yummy!   I ran out before I had to get the kids from the bus stop, and got some bleu cheese dressing (which I do not like- but my husband loves), hot sauce (which I also do not like- but everyone else loves in this family), and vinegar. (I already had some, but...  Couldn't remember, so now I have more.)  I had pulled some chicken out yesterday morning, and was thinking "I want something different.."  I think this is our new favorite dinner.   Thanks for the recipe, Paula. And the idea to make dinner last night. :D


paula said...

YEAH . . another convert! I liked the fact that it isn't hot, just gives the flavor of Buffao ChIcken.

And don't get me started on Buffalo Wild Wings . . . they were started by some guys from Buffalo, but their wings are no where close to what they serve around here.

REL Buffalo WIngs are fried wings that are placed in a bowl with Franks Hot Sauce and melted butter and shaken until covered . . you decided on the amount of hot sauce.

Then, to cool them off, dip in Bleu Cheese, or for non bleu cheese lovers, Ranch Dressing and suck it in while eating the wings . . YUMM-A-LICIOUS!

Tina said...

Hee Hee, Paula! I am definitely going to be getting a Crock-Pot, though. (My husband was even looking at them, at Walmart) So I can make your recipe. It's funny that I am not a bleu cheese fan AT all, but I like it with this recipe.. :P