Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crocheted Santa Treat Bag

This is the Nov/Dec 1995 issue of Crafting Traditions magazine that the Santa Bag pattern is in. I have been wanting to make one, well; since I got this issue. How many years ago is that? O.O  Lol 

Eight moves and four states later... I finally am crocheting one. :P  Can I just say, I am not a fan of the Loop Stitch?  But, I HAD to do it, cuz this bag is just so cute. (IMO.)  I was going to make this for Pine Ridge. But I think I will make two for the boys, too. To put in their stockings. I think a Microsoft card will fit in these. ;) And other little goodies... 

Look what I found!! Another box of yarn! Woo Hoo!! I forgot about this box. My husband had stuck some boxes in Eons' room to get them out of the living room. (That shows you how much I go in his room-- I hardly ever do..)  There's some pictures and UFOs in there, too. :)

The boys found a new favorite pop here. Mello Yello. :D  We didn't have that in Nevada. I don't remember seeing it in Colorado, either. (I don't remember though.)  They are already "bored" of this pop. O.o    (They drink too much pop, IMO.)

  Eons' sticker says, "I climbed the wall today."  He made it all the way to the top. :D  Yes, he wore a helmet and was tied off. ;) They never had that kind of stuff in Nevada. Did I mention that Eon is in middle school here? It's 5-8 for middle school here. In NV, it's 6-8. So he automatically upgraded to middle school. I was a little afraid he might not do well with 1. Going to a new school, but also 2. Transitioning to middle school overnight. But he seems to be doing fine. :D  And he already has a friend. (I asked him what his name was, and he didn't know. Lol)  But he knows now (Brady.)  A little bummed he is going to a different school than his cousin. That would have been cool. (She is in the same grade, too.) But..  Maybe they will go to the same school eventually.  (Well, they will for high school definitely. But.. who knows.. We could move again..  I can't believe I just said that. O.o )  Well I am going to go make more coffee and work on my Santa bag some more. A certain dog of black and white fur has been standing by the door to go outside for a while, too.  Have a nice Sunday. :)

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