Friday, September 20, 2013

Last Popcorn Friday

I know I have posted this picture before..  But.  Today was my last Popcorn Friday at Eons' school, ever. I'm kind of bummed about it. But... We are moving!! (Yes!!!)  After a lot of stressing, not knowing what to do, pulling our hair out, applying at every job available and not getting one phone call  (but the bank I applied at, the teller could barely speak English. At CVS, there is a girl fresh out of high school working in the pharmacy...  But they couldn't have called me and hired me?...  Same thing with my husband, too.)  A few days ago my husband decided we are moving to Tennessee.  (I had wanted to move there for a few years, but thought he never would..) So I was really surprised when out of nowhere he said "Let's move to Tennessee." I said "Okay." Lol...  My Mom and two of my brothers live there. And, it is only a 9 hour drive to Michigan from where we will be living.  

My secret project is almost done. But... I am not sure if I will be able to get it to the person in time. :/  And, with everything going on, Eons' Skyrim Helmet has kind of gotten put away.  I am so keyed up I can't even relax enough to crochet.   


Mimi said...

Sounds exciting and overwhelming, Tina! Another adventure for your family - I wish you all the best!

Mimi said...

Btw, I love popcorn too! That machine really looks cool ;)