Sunday, September 08, 2013

I started a different slipper..  Going to try some Angry Birds slippers. I had to quit because my arm was getting really sore. :(  So I took a picture of my progress so far. 

A picture of Duke..  He's in the Puppy Penitentiary. :P  We have the kitchen gated off, so we can keep him in here when we can't keep an eye on him (in case he has an accident- which he is still doing now and then), or when he is just so rowdy and hyper (driving us crazy). Jetta doesn't help with that..  ;P  Poor Duke...  :P  He's 14 weeks old today. "They" say (or, some people say) they should be half their weight at 14 weeks. I weighed him and he is 20 lbs. So... We will see. I hope he gets really big, like a Lab sized dog. It's hard to tell with a mixed dog.  The mom was a lab sized dog, but the dad was smaller than Jetta. (Or, is; I should say..)    

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