Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Secret Project..And Birthday Preparations..

Here is my secret project. But I can't say any more than that. Cuz it's a secret. :P  I think this is getting me out of my funk, though. :D

I have been racking my brain trying to think of stuff to do/give Eon for his birthday. On a shoestring budget...  I forgot about the fabric I had for a pillowcase for him. So I got that out, and am going to sew him a fun pillowcase. He won't say it, but I know he secretly loves the pillowcase I made him for Christmas. And he picked out these fabrics for another one.   So...

I also forgot about this stamp I got. I think I got it off ebay a while ago.  Used Eon's markers.. 

...and stuck them on the tissue paper for his first present I wrapped. I had thrown out ALL my wrapping paper when I was in a packing and cleaning frenzy (when I thought we were going to be moving back to Colorado soon-- that is still up in the air.) Stupid move throwing out all the wrapping paper. :(  But, I did still have a bunch of gift bags I saved from previous birthdays..   So...  :)    I might use one of those Happy Birthday stamped images, to make a card for him, too.Still haven't thought of a good card design yet. 
 I had forgot that I bought Eon a Lego book with a Ninja minifig at last years' book fair (he didn't know about it, it was when Steve was still working).  It was one he kept looking at and liked. (Whether he still likes it or not... I don't know. :/)  He still is into minifigs, so...  Well, it's one present. So.  :)  
I splurged (big time, kicking myself..) and ordered a cupcake sheet cake for his classroom.  Used this picture; printed it out at the library, and took it up to Albertsons. Going to use that on the top of the cake, with a grey border. I hope he really likes it. Then for his birthday cake at home, I'm just going to do a bundt cake with icing to look like a skyrim sweet roll. Forgive me if I've already posted about the sweet roll...  five times... :P 

I saw this on facebook this morning...  This is SO me, lol....    Okay got to get back to work on my secret project(s)! :D


paula said...

Okay, I've checked out all of the links for Skyrim you have posted, and even Googled it . . but I still don't know . . What is Skyrim?

Tina said...

Skyrim is an Xbox 360 game. I asked Eon how to describe it, and this is what he said: "It's in medieveal times, there's mythic stuff: dragons, trolls, giants. It's endless, you can just play forever. There are quests." :P

And here is a wiki link: