Friday, September 13, 2013

Secret Skyrim Project

I am crocheting Eon a Skyrim Helmet for his birthday. Money is really tight this year, since my husband got laid off. But I am going to do a few things... He's really into Skyrim this year. I'm going to get a Cupcake Sheet Cake for the classroom. I may or may not make them myself, and just take a picture I printed out, up to be scanned for a cake topper at Albertsons. That would only cost $6. But I'm really afraid I will ruin it, when putting the topper on. The whole deal for 35 cupcakes would only cost around $20.  So.. We'll see about that. Maybe Evan could help me put the topper on, since he would (maybe) be making it in the store..  For his birthday cake at home, I am going to make a Skyrim Sweet Roll Cake. (A big one, though.. :P) With my bundt cake pan.  I was going to do that for his classroom (mini ones), but...  Long story short I don't have a mini bundt cake pan. Plus it would *probably* make me stressed out trying to get it perfect. And, I know that he is really impressed with the cupcake sheet cakes. Every time someone brings one in for their birthday, he tells me in great detail how awesome it was. :P      
Anyway, this is how far I am with the hat. I've been trying to work on it while he's in school. I have about two weeks to finish it..  :0  I better buckle down. 

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