Thursday, December 06, 2012

Books For The Angel Tree

I got all these books (a couple of them are like brand new) for only $13.50 at the used book store in town today. Booyah!! 

I went there to see if they had the 50 Shades of Grey book(s); and to look for some books for gifts, and for the Angel Tree at Eons' school.  Well, I didn't end up getting the 50 Shades books (they did have the whole set, brand new -but for full price and I only had $20 cash on me-plus I kind of decided maybe I will just tell my husband and he can get me them for Christmas).  Anyway.. I did find a few books for gifts. I was looking mostly for the two high school girls I send things to on PR.  I asked the woman if she had any suggestions (having all boys myself, and having liked Stephen King books when I was in high school; I figured I am probably not the best judge of what a high school girl might like to read, lol). She suggested most of these. I got the "Ghostgirl" book, cuz it is Brand New. And I only paid $2.50 for that one. (Booyah, again!!)  And "Angela's Ashes" for an elder I send things to. It is just the best book ever, IMO. I have one but I don't want to give my copy away. Lol.

Here they all are so you can see the covers.  I think I am going to see if my library has the 50 Shades book. I have been hearing about it a lot and thought I might read it. Maybe I will try before I buy, if I can. Lol ;P

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