Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Remember This?!...

It's been a while...  I should call this the Well Traveled Afghan..  :P  I started this when we lived in Colorado. Then pulled it out off and on (not very often, though.. But somehow I've gotten this far); from Colorado to Las Vegas, to here...  I started it August 12th, 2007~ for the Smoke Signals CAL.  (Only almost four years ago...) My husband has been bugging me lately, "When are you going to finish my afghan?". Soooo....  I've been trying to work on it. I laid it on my son's bed to see about how much farther I have to go on it. (Ugh...)  About 28 more inches, at least.  (Sigh...)  Well at least I am more than half way done with it, anyway...  Sc's take forever.  And I have to count every single stitch to make sure I didn't put the long dc in the wrong spot. (I have done that a couple times before and had to rip out a bunch of rows. So I make sure I count each time I finish a row.)  Maybe I will finish it before August 12th, 2011. I'm actually hoping to finish it before our wedding anniversary. So I can give him an afghan on July 20th, in the blazing summer heat. :P 

I (don't ask me why!!!?) started another afghan, too. This is going to be a total scrap ghan this time. Whenever I feel like working on it. Whatever scrap color I have enough of. Another Pressed Flowers one. I love that pattern. 


Mimi said...

Looking good so far, keep it up Tina!
I don't remember this (I have a bad memory though...), but I know you've finished a lot of afghans.
I like this one a lot, love the color and diamond pattern :)

Tina said...

Thanks, Mimi :)