Friday, April 29, 2011

We Got a New Baby (Dog :P) ~~Adorableness Ahead..

This is when she was first brought home.  (She was so scared!..) She kept trying to go under the car or back into the car.  My husband drove four hours to go get her. And four hours back.  (She threw up in the car. She threw up two more times that first day, too.)  She was so scared; she would just lay under the computer table. Our 14 year old was complaining that he didn't want her because she wouldn't even walk. :(   We said to give her time, she is a baby dog, she was just taken away from her litter mates...  :/   

Eon meeting our new puppy. :)  We named her Jetta, by the way..  Eli wanted to name her Jet, because she's "jet" black. I said I liked Jetta. He said that was okay...  So that's her name.

He doesn't know what to think about her..  (I think he secretly loves her...) Last night, they were all going to bed. He came over to the couch (she was laying there with me.) I said "Here's your baby." He said "She's not my baby (smiling). She's cute; but I don't like her attitude." I said "Just like you! You're cute, but I don't like your attitude."  (Ha ha- that was perfect!!..)  I got a smile out of him, at least.. :P 

Adorable..  :D

In her "safe spot". (Under the computer table..) Portia liked it under there, too. :(
She is a Border Collie/Australian (Blue) Heeler mix. You can see her front legs look like Heeler markings. :)  She's 12 weeks old, and was the runt of the litter. The whole litter were "throw-aways". :(  Too bad we couldn't have gotten one of her sisters. We liked Page, too. It would be pandamoneum with two puppies, though. :0  There were three girls, and two boys in the litter.  Our puppy is still on Petfinder. (She is "Pinto".) There was Pebbles, too. And the two boys were Packer and Pauncho. They were all mean to her and wouldn't let her eat. :(  So they put her in with two (??) Otis dogs (from Milo & Otis). :P    (Pugs?)

Here she is when we first brought her home. She was looking at Eli, over the back of the couch, here..   We think she is warming up to us. She decided to do this last night~~ at 1 am. lol....  She was howling and whining..  So my husband took her out, and she decided to be a real puppy. (At one am.. Sigh :P)   She was running around and playing, for an hour. Then she went back to sleep.  She was running around playing today, too. Being super cute.  She is already stealing toys from Eons' room, chewing on the computer cords, shoes, anything she can get her little teeth on.   She loves ice cubes. And I got her a "Bully Stick".  I asked the guy in the local "pet" store for a chew toy that wouldn't splinter in her throat. He said Pig Ears or Bully Sticks.  I have heard things about Pig Ears making dogs aggressive. (Maybe it was just the dog?...)  I don't know if Bully Sticks do the same thing or not.  So far she hasn't acted aggressive.

Thank you everyone for your comments about Portia. We still are heart broken over her. :(   We aren't letting this puppy out of our sight.  


Sheila said...

So Adorable.... you will be a joy to everyone.

Jorge and Evielynne's RV Road Adventures said...

The perfect mix - loyal and smart. I had a dog that was blue heeler/jack russel and chihuahua she was the strangest looking dog ever but boy never had I seen a dog more protective then she. And she was not mean by any means unless she had to be.
congrats on Jetta finding a home with you all. Wishing you all the best - you sure got yourself a keeper - love those feet!!


Paula said...

I have never heard anything negative about pig ears. I think it was the dog's behavior My dogs have always eats/chewed on, rawhide bones . . . and I have never had a problem with aggression with any o my babies.

I would suggest that when you give them any kind of food, get them used to having yoou around the food . . . they need to know that i you take it away, you will give it back. I used to use their dog food as treats . . . teach them to eat their meal out of my hand as well as in their bowl. Again, they never showed aggression over food either I also ewould pet them continually while they ate . . it always made me feel good, and I think it did the same for them.

Tustyour gut . . like with kids, you will know what is best

Mimi said...

She's so cute being jet black with her distinct markings! (Page is also cute!) Its so wonderful of you to adopt from a shelter...hope she'll be a very good family dog :)

Vik said...

Welcome Jetta! You are a lucky girl!

Tina said...

Thank you, everyone. :) She is warming up to us, and knows how to beg already. (She's so smart.. ;P )