Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Crocheted Jewelry, and a Bear

I have been crocheting some lately..  It just seems like it's been a while. The only thing I have been working on lately is my Navajo Afghan (which is so close to being done~ yay!!). These are some more earrings I crocheted (some with beads), for a Pen Friend on Ravelry. She's already received them so I can post them here. (My blog posts show up on Ravelry, too. So...) 

And two more beaded bracelets I finished. I did the light blue one on top, first. Then realized it was too small (I used a size 6 steel hook instead of the one I was supposed to... Sigh.) I don't know what I'm going to do with this one. It might fit a five year old girl. Maybe I'll give it to a little girl in church.  The darker blue one on bottom I sent to another Pen Friend on Ravelry. I think she has probably received it by now. 

And, more crocheted bracelets..  These were in the Spring 2011 Interweave Crochet issue. "Forged Links" or something? (For teens..)  I thought I would make some to send to the girl(s) I send things to on Pine Ridge. For themselves, and to give to friends. I send things to a 16 (?) year old and (I think?) a 12 year old..  

Seven each. I sent the 16 year olds' out this morning.  :)

And this is a bear I have had done forever. I forgot about it. It's for a Yahoo Group I am in; that I have been neglecting to send to. With no money, it's kinda hard... But, I figured; one bear wouldn't be too expensive. :)  It's the Becky's Teddy Bear pattern. I forgot I did start another one of these, too. It might take me another year to finish it, though. :/    Oh and I did do a couple finger puppets to send to the little boy (who is 5 or 6?) too. Try to even things out so they both get the same amount.. (The 12 or 13 year old lives in the same house as he does, but they are cousins I think?... The Grandma is raising them..)  <3   
Well that's about all the news on this blog..  :P I hope everyone is having a nice week. <3   Oh did I mention I am on a diet? This morning when I got on the scale, it just said, "Mooooo"  :(


Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

LOL I have done that same bear and I forgot to pull the inside out and so it's a funky looking bear to say the least - but at least I know what I did wrong.. Love your items you've done!!


Tina said...

Thank you Evielynne! I bet the bear you made looks neat. :) I have made some toys I thought were so ugly, but my son still loves them. :P