Sunday, May 22, 2011

Roses... In Remembrance

I thought I would post some pictures of our rose bushes..  :)  This one has the biggest, coral colored roses. They are so pretty. And they smell amazing. 

This one doesn't have the prettiest roses. But look at the yellow rose, in the lower middle of the picture. Our kids found it, shortly after Portia was hit by a car. I said, "It's a rose for Portia."  :(  After that, we found a second yellow rose. I never thought to cut them to put in a vase. They were pretty hard to get to, though...  

Today is the one month anniversary of the day Portia was hit.  It's also the two year anniversary of my Grandmother's death.

Me and my Grandma. <3 This was taken about four years ago.  I miss her a lot. 

Here are some of the roses I cut and put into a vase. I think I have gotten about four or five "bouquets" so far. Too bad this isn't a "scratch n' sniff".  :) 

Here's one my husband picked & put in a Coors Light bottle. :/ (lol)   I cut some yesterday & put them in a vase. I think that's about the last of them. They're all not looking so good now. We enjoyed them while they lasted, though! 


Paula said...

How do you have roses blooming already? Our rose bushes have just started leafing out?

Oh, how about searching for a scratch and sniff gadget for the next rose post?

I lost my grandma when was 10. Now that I am working on the family tree I have been thinking of her a lot. It still amazes me what strange things one remembers.

Once, years ago, I was at Mom's house and decided to eat an apple. I pulled out a paring knife and began 'o cut the apple in slices.. Mom started grinning. She reminded me that this was the way Grandma always ate an apple. I had totally forgotten that, but it must have burned itself somewhere into the deeper regions of my mind.

Things like this make me wonder what silly things aoutnme will my nieces and nephews remember when I am gone?

Mimi said...

Aww...that's a precious pic of you and your grandma. I think the yellow rose is from her :)
All your roses look wonderful!