Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Puppy Picture..

Aaaaaawww... Look at that cute face!!   (Her ears weren't totally plastered to her head in this picture.) She loves to just sit outside. (It's way too hot, too... I don't know how she can stand it. I give her ice cubes, but she doesn't even want them.)   She is a peculiar doggy.  She doesn't like many of her toys. No balls, or ropes, I knotted up a couple socks that had holes in them. Nope. She likes to steal the stinkiest socks off the floor in the bathroom. :P She likes sticks.  She likes to dig outside. Then, either lay in the hole she just dug, or roll in it. Strange behavior...   She is picky about her treats, too. (She's spoiled already...)  She likes Pupperoni. But acts like Beggin' Strips are below her. She'll turn her head as if she's saying "Remove that putrid stench from my royal snout".  (lol)  She kind of reminds me of our old dog, Sunny (personality-wise). She doesn't look anything like her, but... She acts a lot like her...  I also bought her a Pigs' Ear the other day (I wanted to get a bully stick, but they cost $3.75-what a rip off, I know. And I only had $3.67 in my whole purse. Pigs Ears are only $1.50. So I got her one of those instead.) I brought it home to her (because she had already devoured the  two bully sticks I bought her).  She turned her head like that was the most disgusting thing she had ever smelled. (I happen to know that isn't the most disgusting thing she has "smelled"--or eaten... lol)  But then later when we went somewhere, we put her in her kennel (cage). My husband put the pig ear in there. When we got back home, the whole thing was GONE.  Hmmmm....    I was afraid she was going to be sick, after eating that whole thing. But so far, she hasn't..     She has certain spots she likes to go to in the house. My husband keeps trying to keep her out of them. One of the spots is a corner, in between two couches. She goes straight from her kennel, or from outside; to the corner. Or she'll try to go right back in her kennel. We hope she will come out of this scared-ness...   We finally heard her bark. She only barks when she gets scared out of her wits, though.  :/  So I don't know if that's a good thing or not...   We may have to get some kind of training for her.  Anyway~~ She is a good dog, though.  Right now she is under the computer desk chewing up a snotty kleenex (I don't know where she got that..) LOL  (See what I mean about the gross things she eats?... :P)  Oh and you might recognize this as my new blogger profile picture. :P  It was cuter than the last one I had up. So...  :D

And here is a picture of the afghan I started about a month ago. It's my third Pressed Flowers Afghan. I love this pattern. 
I kind of was thinking maybe I could make my son one (an afghan~ maybe not necessarily this pattern..). For a graduation/house warming gift. (Because by the time I finish it he might be moving out, lol... :P It would probably take me another 3 years 9 months to finish..)   I was looking at other people's versions of the Navajo Afghan at Ravelry, and I found one in colors I think my son would like. (Hers is a graduation gift for her son, too, btw.)    Well it's time to go get my son from school already so I will end this for now..  I hope everyone has a nice weekend! :)   Oh and in case you were wondering what color I am going to do next, it's red. (You wouldn't have been able to sleep at night if I hadn't told you the next color, would you? hee hee)


Mimi said...

Aww...she looks sweet ;)

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

I so agree with Mimi... Love those feet... You can so see the Blue Heeler!!


Tina said...

Thank you, Mimi & Evielynne. :)

I know, I love her front paws. :P