Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chevron Lace Cardigan is Done

I finished it yesterday. :D  I started it March 14th, and got to row 15. Then I put it away for a while. (I wasn't quite sure how/was afraid, to do the sleeves). Well I picked it back up yesterday; determined to figure out the sleeves~ and finished it. So, it would have only taken me two days, and not two months, to finish it.  Oh well. Two months is still good, for me...  :P 
I wanted a simple (but nice!) sweater to wear over summer clothes to church; because they keep it like an ice box in there; if it gets above 60 degrees outside, it seems. Plus the fans are going all the time. And I always freeze.       I have more clothes than I thought, that this sweater will go with. I wanted to do a white one, but I didn't have any white yarn. I had a whole pound of love from my Forest Flower Pullover left. So... this will work for a lot, too. (Yay!)  I am definitely going to be doing more of these. I'm so happy, it fits (I didn't think it was going to), and it's so comfy. :)   If I could just lose a little weight...  :/   This isn't the best picture of me, either. My husband was taking the pictures and they kept coming out blurry (my camera is so sensitive, I hate it..). This was the best of all the ones he took. :/

A picture of it on a hanger. The right sleeve looks longer than the other one in this but it isn't. They are both 17 rows long. I had to do some figuring for the sleeves.  I wrote down all my "notes", for future reference. I don't know if they would make any sense to anyone else, though.. :P

On my bed. There is a bit of a hole in the underarms. I was going to sew them up some. But I don't want it to be any tighter than it is. I doubt anyone is going to be lifting my arm to see my armpits, anyway. ;P  Hee hee.

And, on the couch..   I'm going to wear it today.

And here is where Jetta was, the whole time I was working on my sweater. In her little corner.  :P

This is how she gets in to her little corner.  I don't know how she will fit in there when she gets bigger. (Hopefully she will grow out of this, by then..)  I don't mind if she goes back there if I am sitting right there, crocheting (and can keep an eye on her & make sure she isn't chewing on the couch!).  But if I'm not in there, I have to block the "hole". My husband keeps trying to keep her out of her "spots", all the time. (She goes in them to "hide", she is afraid of everything..) He wants to break her of it. I guess that's a good thing. I don't know. I'm tired of trying to over-think everything.  lol... 


Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

Baby girl is so cute... Loving the sweater - I will take one in a green teal size small lol... I will learn how to do my first sweater this summer. Enjoyed your blog very much today - you have such talent!!


Mimi said...

Good job on your cardigan Tina, its lovely! I like your pic too :)
I guess your puppy just needs a little more time to feel secure in her new home.

Tina said...

Thank you both. :)
Evielynne, this pattern would be a good pattern for a first sweater. The only part that might be confusing is the first row of the sleeves. I wrote down a bunch of notes, though. I might be able to help if you got stuck.
btw, I call her baby girl all the time. (I wanted to name her Baby, but no one else did.. I guess it wouldn't be a good name when she is full grown anyway. ;P