Monday, February 18, 2013

Here are some more crochet projects I've finished recently. A couple more hat and scarf sets for Pine Ridge, for the Jan/Feb Challenge for Pass Creek Elderly center.  The hat pattern is the Reversible Strands Hat pattern. The scarf pattern I used is here: Crochet Ribbed Scarf.  I used an I hook and chained 220, for the scarf.

Different colors. Trying to use up what I have in my stash. Now I just have to mail these out. 

I also have been doing a "Transportation Challenge", for Knit-A-Square  for the month of February. The car applique pattern was free, I found it here: Car Applique.  I thought it was so cute! 

And, I did an airplane, too. Airplane Applique.  I did not buy this pattern, I confess. I looked at the picture and guesstimated.  

Look what I got in the mail over the weekend, from Melissa at EEROP. :D  It was a little giftie (although it's not so little) for participating in one of the Challenges. Or the Ravelympics. I don't remember. I said she didn't have to send me anything, but it was nice of her to do. Thank you, Melissa! :)

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