Thursday, October 04, 2012

Today's Letter of the Day is... "P"..

..for Pie.  I had seven brats leftover from the birthday party this weekend (besides other food).  I was trying to think of something to make with them, since the two boys HATE brats. It's like, their Fear Factor Food. Lol.  I thought, "I haven't made Cheese Sausage Spinach Pie in a long time." They like that. I had enough filling to make two. Making four pie crusts just about did me in (and cleaning up the kitchen afterwards), but... Seven brats were not wasted. Lol.

P is also for "plants"... :P   My husband did some more landscaping. :D  These are Oleander (sp?) bushes.  I didn't know they are poisonous. (I do, now..)  There were two half dead (and ugly) rose bushes there, before. My husband pulled them out with the truck.  Our yard is looking better, little by little..  :) 

One is getting some flowers on it. :D

..P is also for "Poncho". As in, the "Coming Home Poncho".   I crocheted this like, the millisecond the pattern came out; I think. All those years ago. :P  It must have been before we had a computer; or a digital camera, even.  I know for sure I have some pictures of me wearing it, but.. That would take days to find the pictures, then go to Walmart and get them uploaded to a CD..  So, I thought I would just take a picture of it.   Someone I write to asked me if it was an available pattern.So I started looking for the pattern to print out, and realized I don't have a picture of mine at Ravelry. So..   Now I wonder if she needs the knitted version or crocheted version. (Sigh..)  I printed out the crochet version (and used the last piece of printer paper-of course. Lol)  Oh well. I need some more anyway.

I have a sick 10  year old home today from school. :(  (P is also for "p*ke".. Gross, I know. Sorry..)  He has it coming out both ends, poor kid. I'm going to have to go get some Pedialyte. (Oh my god, I did not even plan that one... LOL).  And some jello, and applesauce..  I still have a can of chicken soup from last time his stomach was upset. Poor kid.

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