Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Birthday Boy(s)

The Birthday Boy.  :D 

Sunday was my husband and Eons' birthday(s). They both have the same birthdate. :) 

Eon seeing his "Halo" cake for the first time..  :)    Isn't this Master Chief Helmet Cake SO cool? I really, really wanted THAT cake, but... I don't know anyone who makes cakes like that (even though our son decorates cakes in the bakery where he works). And I don't know the Cake Boss personally, so.. . :(  

I took a picture in to the bakery where our oldest son works, and they made this cake for us. Still pretty cool. :)  Eon was happy.

Here is the original birthday "boy". :) 

... And Eli.

And I even got "birthday presents", too! Look. :)  We invited some friends from my  husbands' work; and one of their moms was going to throw all this yarn away. :0  She said "No, don't. I know someone who can use it."  :D   Some of it is Red Heart, but most of it isn't- it's Plymouth Encore-SOOO nice!!! I love it.

And some knitting tools. Well, a Pom-Pom maker, and a knitting tool. 

Jetta says, "Where did everyone go?..."    She did pretty good. She's getting (a LOT) better about "strangers" (well they're stangers to her) coming over. Before; she would growl and bark, and go hide somewhere. She was actually sniffing them, and would go get her ball for them to play with her. I'd say that's a complete turn around. :D 

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paula said...

I S*O*O*O*O*O wish Indy would go hide when someone comes to the house. She just stands and barks, then teirs to get out the fornt door to "sniff" them . . all the time her tail is wagging because she is happy to see them . . wish she were chicken and hid! LOLOL