Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I went to Walmart the other day (sheesh, I guess that was only yesterday) to see how much a Furby was, for one last birthday present for Eon for this weekend. $54!!!!!!! :0   I thought, "I guess it will have to be a Christmas present, later.."  I posted that on a crochet group I am in on facebook; and said, "I wish there was a Furby crochet pattern, lol". I had looked everywhere, but I couldn't find one.  Well I was wrong. There is one! But it's called "Furballs". It's actually a hat pattern. But very easily adapted to a toy, too.  I was so excited. I hope Eon will be, too. :)


paula said...

Yours is SO MUCH CUTER than the Furballs hat!

I ams sure he will like it,

Tina said...

Thanks, Paula. :)