Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm Still Here...

I have been crocheting a little more, lately. This is a Monkey Lovey  I started. Its' from a private group I'm in.  I finally decided what colors to make the blanket part of it. But, she hasn't posted the blanket part yet. And I'm not in a hurry either. I originally was going to make a boy one, then decided to make a girl one. I don't even know who I'm going to give it to. I'll probably send it to one of the charity groups I'm in. 

One of Eon's teachers (his music teacher) had brought a bag of German candies in and gave each of her students one. Eon showed it to me, and said she bought it at the candy store here. I hadn't been there yet, so we went...  We tried explaining the candy to the store owner, and finally figured out they were called satellite wafers, and they're actually a Dutch candy.  I think they're gross. It feels like you are eating styrofoam. There are little hard sprinkle type candies in the middle.  On the back of the bag, it says they are from Fenton, Michigan. Small world (that's by where I used to live). 

Evan brought Bailey over a few days ago. She's getting so big! Her tail got super long.  I just love her. 

Look how long she is. I said, "Long Dong Puppy"  (sing like "Hong Kong Fuey"..)   Lol

Aw, Eli is almost as furry as Bailey... Lol

Bailey and Jetta on the couch. Jetta peed on the couch. Right after I took this picture she got off the couch & I noticed a spot of pee.  Grrrrr.  (She's not allowed on the couch anymore, now.)  
A really cool sunset that night..  It was actually purple and pink. I don't know why it turned out  orange and yellow in the picture. But I still thought it looked pretty cool. So..  

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