Wednesday, November 04, 2009

More Afghans...

I started two more afghans. I may or may not have already posted that. But, here are pictures of them... This one is 'Pressed Flowers', from a scrap afghan book I have. Can't think of the name of it right now. This pattern is also called Catherine's Wheel. I think I made a 12" square with this same pattern stitch a few years ago. I started this one for some friends of ours who are my parents age (just about, a couple years older). They have kind of 'adopted' our 17 year old as their 'unofficial grandson'. They have taken him to their cabin a couple of times to help out (and they pay him). He gets to ride their four wheelers; (they ride with him) and have fun, too. I wanted to make them something to say thank you. I thought 'How about an afghan to take to their cabin with them?' It's turning out so ugly, no one would want it for anything but a cabin! lol

I also started another Granny Star Afghan. I kind of stalled out on working on both of them. My hand is hurting. Today I tried working on the pressed flowers one, and had to rip out a row because I did something wrong (couldn't figure it out), then re-did the row completely. Then realized, 'DUH!!!' I crocheted only one blue strip, and finished the 'flower' with brown. (You do two rows of one color...) I knew that something wasn't right, but couldn't figure out *what* it was... I'm such a ditz sometimes. Too much going on in my brain right now, I can't concentrate... :(
We are moving (AGAIN).... :( I am really, really, really getting sick of moving!!!! I should just say no! I can understand we need to find a cheaper place to live. But, it's only $100 cheaper a month. Is it worth all the hassle to move? Ugh... Technically, I guess it is. If you look at it this way: That's $1,200 a year we will be saving. But... Ugh. The house we are moving to is on the other side of town. It's on two and a half acres, and has 4 bedrooms. I am really hoping this will help alleviate some of the bickering between the 12 year old and the 7 year old.... Although, I can kind of see it already: "Get out of my room' 'Can you tell him to stop coming in my room?'.... So, I don't know... One of the bedrooms is technically an 'office', but the only thing that makes it an office is that it doesn't have a closet. So, they will have to share closets. Not a huge deal. Maybe I can use it to my advantage with the 'fights'.... =^^= (Catty, no?...) Well, that's about all the news. I hope everyone is having a great 'hump day'. :P TTYS or L.... :P

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