Thursday, November 12, 2009

I got a total surprise in the mail the other day. We were all outside, getting into the truck to go run some errands; when a UPS truck stopped in front of our driveway. I said, "Huh? I never get anything from the UPS..." But I did get something from the UPS... :-D A boxful of scrap yarn for my scrap afghans!!! I had posted it on my wishlist at Crochet Mania. And less than a WEEK later, someone sent me some! Thank you so much, LadyH... :-D

Among the bazillion other projects I have going, I just this morning finished some "pumpkin" scrubbies. I used the Spiral Scrubbie pattern, and an idea Heart posted a long time ago on Crochetville. (The link for the spiral scrubbie is in that link, too... lazy blogger...) They're much cuter in real life...

And, I just last night worked some more on my Central Park Hoodie. One inch away from the sleeve caps, and I realized, "I did the cable wrong"... :( I did the C chart when I was supposed to do the B chart (or vice-versa?). It was supposed to be a double cable. Woops. Oh well. I'm not re-knitting both of the whole sleeves!
We still do not have any boxes to start packing with. Somehow, I'm not really worried or stressed out about it. (Yet...) My husband has been painting over there. (Our bedroom was hideous!!-- an awful pink/purple with blue splotches underneath.) It's white now. :-D It looks so much better. I hope the smell (from the paint) goes away, it was giving me a horrible headache... We also are going to get the carpet steam cleaned. Maybe eventually replace it? I don't know, it's just a rental and we aren't planning on staying there too long. I just hate stained carpet... Well have a nice upcoming weekend everyone.

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