Tuesday, August 09, 2005

One Down, Four to Go

Well here is my first dishcloth finished for the "In Hot Water Dishcloth Swap"! (I had a head start, I started this before I even knew about the swap, and decided to join since I was already crocheting a dishcloth...) Now I've started a knitted one. I need to find a pattern where I don't have to count rows, though. I had a garter stich one in one of my FC Easy Knitting magazines, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.... I also only have off-white, black, navy blue, and orange dishcloth cotton. I really don't want to have to buy more, but I would like to do some 'different' colors. Maybe I can find some on sale somewhere. I have to run out today, maybe to go 'back home', and post some fliers up for the puppies. I can't find anywhere around here that will let you post fliers up anymore. Well, I take that back, WholeFoods has a board in back; I did put a flier up there. It's a pretty busy place, too. Plus an ad in the Ann Arbor News, and an ad that's going in todays' paper in The Detroit News. My mom said that's the paper they sold all their puppies from. So, hopefully we will start getting some phone calls.... I've only gotten one call from the Ann Arbor News so far.
My husband says we might move sooner than he thought. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I'm excited!! I hope he doesn't get the job he was hoping to get. That doesn't sound good. But I really want to move! The whole plan when we moved here was to be moving to CO in a couple of months. So... We will see...
Edited to say: I found the pattern I was looking for, at Knitting Pattern Central. It's called the "'Idiot's' Dishcloth". That would be me! LOL!

**Have A Great Day!**

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DixieRedHead said...

Your so Talented Tina! Your dishcloth looks wonderful! Thank you again for the patterns and yarn you sent me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness!