Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Graduation Bear WIP

I received a puffy envelope in the mail from one of the "Elders" I send things to on Pine Ridge. She made me this beautiful beaded pen. (I don't want to use it, it will get ruined...)  Isn't it beautiful? She wrote me and told me that her grand daughter is graduating from the 8th grade.  So... 

Last night, I started crocheting her a Graduation Bear. :D It's the same pattern I used for Eli's bear when he graduated from 8th grade; Amigurumi Graduation Bear. I am already using the eyes that the FGM sent me. :D  I got her a card yesterday. I have been trying to think if I should get her a gift certificate to Walmart or just buy her a necklace or something?...   I am thinking a nice necklace.  I went to the Walmart site to see if there were any Walmarts in South Dakota. It said there was one-in Pierre. So then I went on Mapquest to see how far that is from Wounded Knee- it's three hours away. Sheesh... So I guess a necklace will have to do.  I think that's a nice gift. I gave my own son a bear, and I bought him a CD, I think? (He didn't even care about "graduating", I don't think...) 

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